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11 January 2030 @ 10:24 pm

All the generic unimportant stuff will be public, all the stuff that matters will be FO.

So, comment, slaaags :]
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28 January 2008 @ 04:21 pm
Well...2 really. Not all that numerous.

If you're not up for reading
a) mindless clothes talk or
b) mindless prom talk,

look away now.

PPQ FTWCollapse )
01 December 2007 @ 11:45 pm

i've actually had the shittest day.
i woke up and i had lost my voice and i thought i was going to throw up for about a solid 6 hours and i've only just been able to eat for the first time all day, but all i could have was a couple of poppadoms, strangely. oh and my dad's being a wanker, everything on the tv is absolute shit, i have an english essay to memorise for monday and i had a fit about what to do if i don't get into any unis - clearing can sook cause i'm just going to drop out and move to glasgow and wing it - and then i went off and just sat on the floor in the corner of my kitchen and slept for an hour and a half until my mum found me.

in other news, patrick wolf on thursday. was nice seeing kat/meeting other folk. managed to get an outfit for £15 which was good. i think now that i've seen patrick wolf in his pants and witnessed a full on fight on a train all in the one night i can most likely die reasonably fulfilled. oh yeah and i drank out of his glass. who the fuck drinks powdered lemonade? if he's giving it the chunder right now we'll know why. soz patty.

i should write in this thing more really, shouldn't i?
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